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Roadapple Ranch

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123 Paradise Way, Finch, ON, K0C 1K0
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Roadapple Ranch was started in 1996 by Mike Merriam and Kimberley Woolley because they wanted to have control of the quality of the meats they ate.As friends and family tried their products, it became clear that there was a demand for high-quality meats produced in a more natural, organic, and slow-paced environment.Through trial and error, the old breed stock that is currently bred and raised at Roadapple Ranch was selected for health, taste, and hardiness instead of the industry standard of size, growth rate, and fast profit.Today, Mike has given up his high-tech job in the city to dedicate more time to the production of quality meat products for people that care about what their families eat.We offer farm-gate sales of freezer meat and meat products, with fresh meat orders offered at special times of the year (such as turkeys for Thanksgiving or Christmas).

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